Consistently producing quality seafood products is fundamental to Southern Seafood Products and our brand. Our processes and food safety regulations are designed to ensure you receive only the best, freshest seafood.



Our Fresh King Salmon are harvested daily from Stewart Island where the waters are pure and cold all year round. The salmon live in a pristine environment with fresh water provided naturally from constant Antarctic Ocean tidal movement and currents. To ensure consistent quality, the fish are harvested using a process that avoids handling stress and damage and they are bled and packed in an ice slurry for transport. All commercial harvesting operations exercise sustainable farming and are in accordance with best practice in the marine and coastal environment and are farmed in a natural, clean environment.



We execute all our processing in our modern facility in Invercargill, just 20km from the port of Bluff. Our salmon arrives chilled, headed and gutted, ready to fillet and pin bone. We then vacuum pack the salmon for the fresh market or brine and smoke the fish using traditional methods and New Zealand native hardwood.



All our products are transported by recognised courier companies, chilled in polystyrene bins with thermo guard gel packs. The products are chilled in our dispatch chiller before being packed for overnight delivery nationwide and arrive the next morning, within approximately 16-17hours.



We take pride in our final production and packaging to ensure Southern Seafood Products look as great as it taste. All our products are clearly labelled with our logo and details and contain packed on and use by dates and recommended storage instructions.


Food Safety

We attain to robust NZFSA Food Safety and food safety plans to ensure the highest standards possible including maintaining a clean and hygienic processing area (HACCP # FSA-VTUR-7WS-GZV). Temperature control is maintained from the time the fish are harvested and bled to the time they are delivered to the client.